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About Us

At UnMask, we are a small boutique speciality retailer that puts America first in everything that we do. Our mission is to bring our loyal customers amazing, unique hand curated products with a distinctly American story.   UnMask is all about supporting the American economy, American workers, business owners, craftsmen, artisans, product designers and entrepreneurs across our great nation.  When you buy a product from UnMask, you will be voting with your wallet to support American businesses and the American way of life.

Founded in 2020, UnMask earned the trust and respect of tens of thousands of Americans and worldwide citizens during the pandemic by making breathable masks that allowed people who were forced to mask up for travel, work or school to survive one of the most unsettling moments in American History.  Most importantly, we made all of our masks right here in the USA.

UnMask is based out of Liberty Lake, WA with offices, in-house fulfillment and shipping operations located in Post Falls, ID.  When you order an UnMask product, it is pulled from our shelves, carefully packaged and sent to you directly without delay. As a company we pride ourselves in make our customer experience #1 in every thing that we do. 

Why buy from us

All products are backed by our 100% Satisfaction No Hassle - Free Return policy. By putting our customer experience #1, UnMask has earned the trust of tens of thousands of satisfied customers in the USA and all over the globe.  All of the products that we sell are bought directly from small American businesses with a unique American story.  Products are stocked, fulfilled and shipped to you directly from our Post Falls ID warehouse. When you buy from UnMask, you are voting with your wallet to support small American businesses and our American way of life.   

Our price guarantee

All of our manufacturers support their resellers by following a strict MAP (minimum advertised price) policy.  This means that everyone who sells their products promises to offer them for no less than the manufacturer's MAP price.  When you buy from UnMask, you are getting the best price offered anywhere…and you're getting it from a company that you know and trust.

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