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Thanks to amazing people like you the UnMask has become a viral sensation with a cult following like no other product on the planet. We'd like to say thanks for helping spread the word with a simple Affiliate & Influencer program that will give you 10% of all sales that you refer to a custom coupon code that will give buyers 20% off their purchase.

UnMasks are proudly designed in Liberty Lake, WA and are handmade from ultra-premium materials right here in the USA!

How it works

  1. Create an Affiliate Account by clicking here
  2. Follow the simple steps to set up your account and get a referral link
  3. Share the link via social media, your website, blog or anywhere
  4. Get a 10% commission to your Paypal account every month

Our customers love UnMask, you will too!

People that wear an UnMask refuse to wear anything else!

This mask is awesome! I can finally breathe. It's really lightweight and totally comfortable.

Debi Walker Waters

Having MS, wearing a useless mask made me so tired; this useful mask allows me to get the oxygen that my body needs as well as regulate my body temperature; thank you for taking the nightmare out of Dr.s appts!

Betty Martin

I have to wear a mask at work and I have a hard time breathing. A friend told me about these masks and I’m so glad. If you have to wear a mask, this is the one to wear! So breathable and I can wear without any issues 🙌🏻

Heather Milto

This is a great mask to wear all day. My glasses don’t fog up and I can actually breathe! I want to get another one.

Beth Powell

Thank you for this option. Kids hate masks but because they need to wear one they will only put on the unmask masks. Sports and ultra are our favorite. Even work for flying

Julia Kushner

Thank you UnMask! These masks make breathing possible again! In an otherwise ridiculous masking climate, your masks help us comply without endangering our health. Highly recommend!

Yvonne Thomson

The only masks my kids will wear. They are being forced to mask at school and these are the only ones they can actually breathe in. Will never buy another brand.

Kristi Kuehn Hollowell

I fly several times a week. First time I put this mask on and walked through the airport, I knew I had to get a few more for myself and my wife. If you are forced to wear a mask, get this one!

Fred Simano

I wish I would have discovered UnMask sooner. I hate wearing a mask but when I'm forced to, it is the only mask I will wear!

Kathy Creekmore

I can't believe how comfortable these masks are! Easy to breathe and wear! I was dreading two hours in the airport and a 3 1/2 hour flight till I got, The UNMASK

Al Johnson

I love the fact that I can breathe again and not feel sick all the time. I also love that we are supporting an American company, not China. Thank you so much for a great quality product.

Ann Marie Witherell Colburn

I love your masks! They are the only ones I’ll wear. Everyone in my family has some and they love them also. You can breathe in them.

Sandra Cogdill

Unfortunately I have to wear a mask everyday at work for 8 hours a day. These are the only masks that actually let me breathe while wearing one. I have 3 so far and I love them all. I also get compliments about them all the time. ❤️

Rochelle Leigh

Purchased for my college boys who are required to mask up in class. They love them! So I bought more for the rest of the family and a couple to work out with. These are game-changers!

Melissa Peabody