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Air travelers share dirty little secret

Air travelers share dirty little secret

If you plan on flying, plan to mask up. While facemask requirements have been relaxed in most places, airlines continue to double down on mask requirements. Facemasks, especially when worn for great lengths of time can substantially reduce airflow, and for some people exacerbates their underlying health issues like asthma, migraines and motion sickness. ‚ÄúFlying on an airplane during the pandemic adds another whole layer of anxiety to our travel‚ÄĚ said Ruth Wasserman of Dallas Texas.

Savvy airline travelers, flight attendants and pilots have turned to a facemask that allows them to fly under the radar. The UnMask, made by a Liberty Lake, WA company has developed a cult-like following among travelers and airline personnel. ‚ÄúAs a flight attendant, I have to wear a mask, sometimes 12 hours a day on international flights. Finding UnMask changed my life‚ÄĚ, said Lisa Morrow a Los Angeles based flight attendant. ‚ÄúIt has become a secret amongst many of our flight crews and flying without one is unimaginable‚ÄĚ, Morrow said.

The UnMask has the appearance of a regular cloth mask, but is made of Ultra-light super breathable materials that allow it to go unquestioned, even by the most ‚Äúwoke‚ÄĚ sky ‚ÄúKarens‚ÄĚ. The UnMask has become legendary and a dirty little secret for those who fly. Some travelers and airline personnel cut the tags off the UnMasks, to avoid being called out by some flight attendants that choose to double mask.

‚ÄúWe are still required by our employer to wear a mask, vaccinated or not. This is the ONLY mask that allows me to breathe with no lack of oxygen‚ÄĚ said an Atlanta based pilot who asked not to be named for fear of retribution from their employer. ‚ÄúI feel I would have not been able to perform the duties required of me wearing any other mask‚ÄĚ he went on to say.

‚ÄúUnMask‚Äôs Ultra and Natural Style masks are the safest bet for air travel‚ÄĚ said UnMask co-creator Jeff O‚ÄôShea. ‚ÄúThese masks we created after airlines, schools and other workplaces started cracking down on masks they viewed as not good enough,‚ÄĚ said O‚ÄôShea. For a growing number of people that are forced to ‚Äúmask up‚ÄĚ, going without an UnMask is unthinkable. UnMasks are available online only at

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