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Facebook Exposed - UnMask Censored

Facebook Exposed - UnMask Censored

Since the creation of the UnMask, we have been at battle with Facebook and their ridiculous advertising policies. They are a dispicable organization but we use them to reach hundreds of thousands of people like you. Facebook has consistently rejected our ads, pulled ads down that were approved and running and are trying everything in their power to limit our reach.

Now it was revealed today that the Whitehouse is openly working with Facebook to ban content that it does not like…UnMask obviously is a targeted victim of this censorship campaign. If you are as outraged by this as we are, please read on.

We at UnMask are fans of freedom and not fans of masks. We created the UnMask so men, women and children that were forced to mask up had a way of complying with ridiculous mask mandates, while still being able to breathe.

We dedicate the UnMask to the millions of people around the world that are required to wear a mask and the millions more required to wear one all day, every day. For the people who could risk losing their jobs for not masking, for people with breathing conditions & claustrophobia, for the kids forced to mask up just to go to school and to play sports and for the millions of air travelers ‚ÄĒ I could go on and on.

Make no mistake, we aren't going anywhere and we will not be beaten or intimidated! We’ve sold over 100,000 UnMasks all over the world and we have no plans to stop as long as these ludicrous mandates exist. Even with our constant Facebook and Instagram bans, we will find ways to keep in contact with all of you and ensure you always have access to the most breathable mask available while mandates are being enforced. Your ability to breathe freely, even when you are forced to mask up, should not be infringed and neither should our ability to get our message out.

Please help us by sharing this message of Facebook tyranny with your friends and families. Lets beat them on their own turf by clicking this link to our Facebook page and clicking this link for our Instagram page, liking and sharing it. Let's tell them that we will not stand for thair brand of bullying.

Amazing people like you are what the UnMask story is all about. Thanks for your continued support. You are our strength and our success.

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