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Tag You're It - The Price Of Awareness

Tag You're It - The Price Of Awareness

Getting noticed is not always good

The UnMask has become the choice of free thinking, freedom loving people everywhere. Unfortunately, the brand has attracted the attention of some of the same people that are intent on taking our freedoms away and demanding that we comply with their freedom sucking, tyrannical mandates. There have been a few cases where it have been reported where some airline flight attendants have singled out fliers wearing an UnMask. Even worse, some teachers have singled out children for wearing an UnMask and some school districts have specifically attempted to ban UnMask by name.

Stealth mode?

The only thing that makes an UnMask identifiable is the tag with their website on it. The tag has been important in the growth of the UnMask brand, allowing our customers to easily share the UnMask with the people that you know & meet. Co-founder and creator of the UnMask, Jeff O'Shea said "In some circumstances, where there is the potential for high scrutiny, it may be wise to cut out your tag to continue to fly under the radar".

Another veteran Dallas TX based flight attendant suggested "I have been wearing an UnMask for approximately 4 months and love it. I simply took a black sharpie and covered over the tag instead of cutting it". She added "I still carry your business cards in case someone asks me about my mask" She went on to say that as a 34 year attendant that she "fears for her job daily" and came out and thanked UnMask for "standing strong against these mandates being forced on us".

Not backing down!

UnMasks co-founder Michael Sakakeeny said, "As long as the forces in the government keep trying to muzzle us and our kids, count on our small company to keep making the most breathable masks on the planet and give you virtually unrestricted access to all the places that masks are required". UnMask is a small company that operates out of Liberty Lake WA and prides itself on its Made in the USA products. UnMasks are available online only at

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