The UnMask develops cult-like following

At the peak of the coronavirus pandemic, long-time business partners Jeff O’Shea and Mick Sakakeeny, were sick and tired of battling aggressive mask mandates and set out to bring a compliant solution to those who felt the same. That solution was the UnMask.

These masks immediately began to develop a cult-like following all across the USA with their virtually unrestricted breathability and unmatched design. Organic word of mouth exposure began to drive sales through the roof, resulting in a few weeks of page-long waitlists for the most breathable mask ever.

Initially launching in two premier styles, Bella and Sport, the UnMask made strides nation-wide, finally giving people what they were most desperate for—breathable, comfortable masks to get them through their day-to-day life and activities like long work days, grocery shopping, and working out at the gym.

When guidelines started becoming more stringent within the airline industry, O’Shea quickly came to the rescue with the addition of the UnMask’s Natural Collection. These new masks allowed people to fly under the radar with no questions asked during a time when airlines were cracking down on mask guidelines.


“We started getting messages and reviews from pilots and flight attendants, saying how much our masks helped them get through the long hours they spent in flight daily. It made their jobs bearable again.” O’Shea said. “The best part is, they told us they cut the tags off so that no one can give them grief over it being an UnMask”, he said laughingly.

“The reviews just keep pouring in, because no one likes to live with a napkin on their face. The UnMask solves this problem for everyone still having to mask during this time.”

Parents all over the country are rejoicing over the UnMask and its ability to bring safety back to their young athletes and children in classrooms that were required to wear masks during the school year.

Andrea B. said, “My son started using your sport mask for football, it has been much more enjoyable for him and his lineman teammates are envious.”

Another parent had this to say, “I am an RN and NOT a mask fan. But these masks are amazing!!! I have even felt more comfortable now sending my kids to school with these. Completely breathable and stops the “Karen’s” from bugging you while out in “mask required” settings. Thank you for these!!!”

You too can join the ever-growing legions of people that refuse to wear anything but the UnMask! Available in a variety of styles, a rainbow of colors, and multiple sizes that offer a perfect fit for adults and children.

The UnMask is washable, reusable, durable and proudly designed and made in America!

Get yours and #breathewithus.

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